America Is Beyond Redemption: A Blackpill Case For Exit

From the standpoint of Reza Negastrani’s theory of intelligence as a historical process, one can’t help but to notice a distinctly downward trend in the US. I don’t believe it is reversible.

America’s spirit is distinctly anti-rational, and its political champions are either foolish rhetoric pushers, or they demand changes which are not just stifled by America’s law, but by the American people’s insistence on aesthetic spectacle as the ground of change. By my estimation, America is cancelled. I am not predicting the collapse of the USA’s economic system, its Anarcho-Dunning-Keugerism will continue to be a centerpiece within global capitalism, but one who wishes to not have themselves and their offspring pulled into a void of anti-rationality may want to leave the country entirely.

If we look at America the state, we can see that America has overcome itself, and has become interested only in its own degradation. Both the fascist right and liberal left pitch various destructions of the ideal of individual freedom. The American Idea was the articulation of the enlightenment ideology, an escape from the tyranny of monarchy, which brings to men the reduction of their freedom. The experiment, I am glad to say, has been a resounding success in democratic processes, and has inspired the democratization of many countries around the world.

Wonderful, now let’s leave this burnt out engine of freedom.

In what sense is America beyond redemption? Simply, there is no national spirit which is not the cancelling of the idea of human freedom itself through right.

American National Identity Is Permanently Dead

I am grateful for Donald Trump’s emergence and display of the ideal form of right wing American nationalism as cruel and stupid. Not much time has to be wasted here. The American liberal left, by design, can not have a single such champion. However, it is glaringly obvious as one tries to search for any sort of cohesive program being actualized which eliminates poverty and provides housing, and economic justice for its disenfranchised people, that no such program will ever emerge.

Capital makes good friends with the irrational demands of the supposed radical American left, who are all to happy to push forward cryptic nonsensicalisms to be interpreted by Democrats in power and translated into reforms which paint the smile wider on human face of capital.

American history has taken a distinct line of flight towards freedom through law and ideal, and that line of flight is over.

What Plato identifies as the Good is the line in its [intelligence’s] continuity, the continuous line that simultaneously binds different aspects of reality and the life of intelligence and renders them intelligible as a whole. The interplay of peras and aperion, the limited and the unlimited, is on full display in this continuity. The former makes intelligible the abyss of reality, bringing new sectors of it into focus by introducing measures, and thus enabling intelligence to answer the question of what ought to be thought and done. The latter, meanwhile, expands the horizon of what can be made intelligible. And finally, the interplay of both is what dissolves any manifest totality that lays claim to reality, thereby enabling intelligence to explore what can be thought and done.

Reza Negastrani, “Intelligence and Spirit”

The negation of American law is now the highest justice, and in this case, America has cancelled itself. When taking upon the significance of COVID, Trump, race riots, the definite arc is an impossible overcoming of itself. All lights at the end of the tunnel here are merely a long series of oncoming trains.

What ought to be done for the individual? Simple: leave the county.

If money is an issue, you have too many ties to the land, or now is not a good time for you, or you simply want to grill, I can understand why this blackpill is simply not for you…yet.

Countries whose power was not built upon the primordial crime of the efficiency of slavery have in Volkgeist, the ability to overcome the issues of the day. America is different. There is no gap between America and the issue of racial identity contra the state or contra its people, there is only the conclusion of being contra America itself (the left) or bolstering Dunning-Kreuger fascism.

As a leftist, and an Egoist, I say exit. Find somewhere where human freedom can still be worked out via the geist, or live in a manner forcefully disconnected from the world due to one’s own highest involvement being able to only be dialectically corrected via argumentation with irrational liberalism, or Dunning-Kreuger fascism.

Take the blackpill, leave.

The Violent Inevitability

What is in the eyes of Detective Pikachu here? Perhaps he is remembering the man whose life he watched drain from his eyes after putting 9 rounds into his abdomen and chest, 9 rounds he decided to shoot off after the man said to him something that only Detective Pikachu could hear.

Perhaps our hero didn’t like that, and he knew there would be no witnesses. So he killed him in cold blood. Perhaps Detective Pikachu liked that. Perhaps he thinks of it when he orgasms.

It is clear that Detective Pikachu is a disgusting creature.

Should we cut his funding?

Sure, make Detective Pikachu sweat a little bit. But will they take away his job? Of course not, not unless he gets caught. Of course, Detective Pikachu never gets caught. He will never choke out a man on camera. He’s smart about it. His Japanese parents raised him to be cunning, and his sharp mind and quick thinking defends itself with violent fury, and in that defense of itself, it has some room to spare. So Detective Pikachu dabbles in debauchery, his body shakes with pleasure as he moves into sadism as he dabbles in assault and murder.

Some days Detective Pikachu is burnt out, and the murder no longer carries with it pleasure, but it is the expression of a tired rage.

Lord help you if you are Chinese. God save you if you are black. Pikachu is a notorious racist.

Pikachu has benefits.

Pikachu has healthcare.

Pikachu has a retirement plan.

And he didn’t like being placed at schools anyway, nothing to do, no one worth killing.

Nothing will change, except maybe now more than ever, Pikachu is hated. He is not hated for what he has been seen doing, but he is hated for the possibility of him having done it. And he has done it. And he has liked it. And he has hated it. Pikachu either drinks or is sober. Pikachu is a force on his own.

Detective Pikachu is an inevitability.

Detective Pikachu is eternal.

The American Southwest Philosophy Geistpatch And John David Ebert’s Pissing On The Grave Of His Ex

This is biting off a bit more than I can chew, since John David Ebert (JDE) is a good speaker and knowledgable philosophy scholar who clearly has a vindictive streak, but oh well. I have no intention of “diagnosing” JDE and I don’t have the information/will/or even proof there is any mental issue with JDE. I also am not trying to “cancel culture” JDE. Instead, I want to address the social conditions which give rise to such rants, so the people who are exposed to these rants can understand them a bit better.

After promoting the art of his now passed away girlfriend Mary Church, JDE discovered that he had been cheated on quite a bit. Since then, he has written many posts calling her a “whore,” with people telling him to stop, and other alt-right posters egging him on. I am only writing this post because after then seeing his video discussing his calling her a whore, I recognized this as the calm-toned geist of the American Southwest right-wing philosophy patch.

My experience with New Mexico libertarianism involving Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Justin Murphy, Dr. Geoffrey Miller, and Dr. Diana Fleischman, left me with the knowledge that there is something strange happening in the Southwest. There is a serious, serious de facto think tank going on which aims to promote alternative ideas from viewpoints which are typically right wing which we can understand as the Southwest Right Wing philosophy geist.*

After hearing more people who are harder working and just as smart if not smarter than me discuss the intricacies of futurist and right wing political ideas, which it would be extraordinarily rude of me to write about after being let into someone’s home besides the general description of them being right wing and futurist, I was left at times amazed and at times shaken (what a leftie signifier!) by the feeling that I had stepped into an alternative universe.

Fleicschman, Miller, and the Professors Drs. Murphy seemed to have filled a certain void in the world, as other reactionaries have, which is to say the void of new thought.

Whatever you may think of JDE’s diatribe, and I really, really am not being cute here, I think it is mindbogglingly terrible, what you can not deny is that it is different, and it is right wing.

The idea that these ideas come out of nowhere, or that they come out of a single individual, is incorrect. But further, they are the result of a certain mini-Volkgeist.

JDE’s rants are cruel and unusual, but they are not met with no support. They are met with the support of what can only be understood as a ghost mushroom which has arisen in the desert. Living in the mushroom, taking bites of the mushroom, gazing into the mushroom, has produced this result. There is no JDE Grave Pissing rant without the Southwest Right Wing Philosophy Patch.

This is important to understand, because you are not fighting the ethical unit of a single man, but rather you are fighting as a member of a geist. To know yourself as only you and your efforts rather than you as part of a certain geist is to miss what you are. I am definitely of a few geists, as maybe we all are, and I try to make the hauntings unique. But if I was to try to enact a change in something as merely myself rather than with the spirit of a Geistpatch, I would be deluding myself.

I can’t imagine how angry the ex’s parent’s are, but this is the status quo for right wing diatribe: it is brutal, vicious. To simply call it brutal and vicious, or to become invested in cancelling someone for doing what is in fact, an essential aspect which feeds back onto itself, misses the point of engaging in such tasks.

I can introduce someone to certain ideas, but it is better to introduce them to a good thinker and a community as well. I run various facebook groups, I link people to Zero Books authors, Freud texts, Lacan texts, Zizek texts, Anarchist texts, Socialist texts, because it introduces someone to my Geistpatch, which references various Spirits and Ideas which haunt humanity.

Don’t like what JDE is saying? Haunt better than him.

*Edit after posting:
Per request of Dr. Justin Murphy: I should clarify that Justin Murphy not a right winger. It is possible the good doctor’s diagnosis that my creativity may have gotten the best of me here is accurate. It is his association with famous right wingers such as Mencius Moldbug, Nick Land and discussing right/unconditional acceleration that I know him for, but he certainly associates with left wingers and speaks with them as well, and self-identifies as a left winger, so I will not be a shitlord and mis-politico-gender him.

Quantum Self-Care: “If Self-Care Is So Great, Why Isn’t There A Self-Care 2?”

Quantum, in itself, –for Quantum, in its self-externality, is also itself; its externality is part of its determination […] it is the very being of Quantum to be its own Other, to be self-external; and thus this external part is equally nothing else than Quantum: the beyond or infinite itself is a Quantum.

Hegel, Science of Logic, P 242, 243 (Johnson and Struthers Translation 1929)

The human insofar as the human knows itself is in a quantum form, in that it contains simultaneously a supposed inside as well as itself as an object, a divided subject. However, this “itself as an object” collapses immediately inside when one acknowledges the substance of all that is language is also present in the human through the unconscious, and through identification with systems and ideas and even simply seemingly unrelated words!

So the thing which takes-care-of-itself is also itself in the taking-care-of.

What does this mean politically? There is a tendency towards a split between the taking care of and the object which is being taken care of. The logic goes something along the lines of: fascist tendencies take care of the object, and that is what is important! But the fascist tendencies are themselves the political landscape and the object of politics as well, rather than simply keeping the trains running on time.

In other words:

Incorrect- {fascism -> trains on time}

Correct- {fascism, trains on time}

There is not means and ends, ergo there is no means-to-an-end, the state of the matter is Quantum.

Society does not have a set of problems, rather society is itself problem solving. The self is not something which needs self-care, the self is in fact self-care. There are elements of the self which one cites as qualitatively something which needs care but those elements can only be known at times through the method of caring, there is once again no means-to-an-end.


With the lack of a means-to-an-end, there can be no kingdom-of-ends. There can be no treating of the human as an end-in-itself, as the treating itself is the human as well. It is a false movement towards a posit.

What can be known is difference between the treatments as being-itself, in its Quantum nature. The difference between treatments means one is always reconciling with the self and the world in a Quantum Process Of Being.

The Quantum Hyperstate created is thus a finite taking-care-of, which is itself the thing, inseperable. Our taking care of the enviornment is inseperable from the object which is the environment, which makes in turn itself known as the object of the earth as well as the inhabitants.

COVID-19 and Quantum

Our taking care of the virus is inseparable from the virus. The RNA structure invades cells and culture, which may seem like a trite observation or not respecting of the material viral process, but we MUST remember the basic Hegelian lesson that insofar as something concerns humanity, it enters the fray of the Ideals of humanity, even that Ideal is backed by a physical sickness. That physical sickness is not a simple object, but it is the avoidance of the physical sickness, the register of physical sickness as a society, and the unconscious desire to act-as-if-it-isn’t, while taking extra precautions.

It would be a mistake to simply say we have a problem of the virus that needs to be taken care of. Dare I say, in order to make everyone mad by making their strawman real in the form of myself, “humans are the virus,” and I stand by it! To understand the virus as Quantum we have to see the taking care of and the virus in unity with the self, or we risk not understanding the virus.

The methods of taking care of the virus can not simply be a means to an end. Would Americans tolerate strict quarantine and arrest? We could try it! We could try to flatten the curve, but this is the virus beginning to build the tolerance for dramatic government rule in the Americas, and I’m not too sure that is something which would be tolerated without violence.

Either way, whatever the answer to this, the method and the object are not separate when united in a politic, and it isn’t separate when it is united in the self.

Self-Care 2

Know self-care as a crafting of the self, this is the only self-care 2 that I can offer. Self-care is not simply a tool to be utilized on the object which is the self, self-care is something which crafts the self in Actuality. One must make the self, insofar as the care of the self is the self.

The Retrofuturism of the Virus: the past has not yet occurred.

The temporality of capital production has been halted, but what has emerged in its place? Projections of future infection, knowledge of past plagues. Coronavirus always-has-been of course, through the plagues which emerge as yesterdays rather than dead stories.

Each past and future creates a different temporality and a different sci-fi reality, which is to say a present which is only ever known through retrofuturism. As the projections ramp up and increase in multiple forms, multiple possibilities, so does the past which has supposedly already occurred, but which has not occurred quite yet.

The past has not yet occured.

A portal into the present may seem like an unnecessary sort of thing, and that the present is in fact being lived through, and known definitely through one’s sensory experience. But insofar as the future comes back to define the present, and the present is known as similar and causal of the past, one sees that a portal to the present is the only option for those fighting against non-being itself. The lack of the portal to the present is in fact a submission.

Portals in the multiple offer different realities, insofar as different realities are able to be retrofitted, the retrofuture is a posteriori; but of course through immediate experience it is also a priori existent, synthetic, stretching over the sensory immediacy.

“I want you to say that this is a living example of a portal into the present”

So what idea do we pay fidelity to then? Which retrofuture is the true present? Suddenly a space opens up, a gap in reality. This gap itself is the negation of what was the ordering of the world, and it is this gap itself that we should watch. What retrofutures will be thrust upon us by the powers that be?

What pasts, will we be told have already occurred? What shall be engineered for us, engineered with us?

Will we create the world? Will the world be created for us? When I am in the state of joy I am like a child, I have the power to name the world!

Who creates out of something, something besides joy? Who desires death?

What retrofutures of death will be shown as what has already been?

Instruments of control are becoming stronger.

Libertarianism is dying a fool’s death.

Can we who play ourselves make it past what is engineered for us, by us?

article by Mad Black Freud and Kirsty Woods

Big Knife! Small Wife! and Anti-Sex

The obsessional could be characterized as the anti-sexual, even and especially when it comes to sex. Here Dr. Phil reveals himself as a flora of various dialectical movements, the obsessional successful television doctor brandishing his obviously penile knife, in line with the pornographic fetish, the small wife, the signifier of youth here being smallness, the aging wife of Dr Phil has the ability to be in a linguistic sense, forever young.

Big Knife! Small Wife!

Anti-Sex is a powerful spell, to make public sex and also to simultaneously cast it aside immediately. The understanding of the symbolic order of sex to be so totally beyond sex, that one returns and appears to be grasping the sexual object.

Is this the case? Look closer reader, look closer!

The signifier on Dr. Phil is not money, is not something pornographic, but rather French quisine. The sex joke’s dialectical movement is revealed here.

Big Knife! Small Wife!

The reversion into the realm of class reveals the true sexual dynamic, Dr. Phil’s presence in the spectacle hinting at his royalty. Royalty is beyond sex! Royalty is anti-sex, anti-proletarian sentiment is always anti-sex.

As for the true sex life here, who is to say! How hard does Dr. Phil’s wife cum we he shoves his aging penis inside her? The truth is unable to be mined from this photograph.

We can see however, hints of a comical bond between the two. Is it a cynical comical bond of two spouses who have sexually grown past each other but none the less live with each other?

Big Knife! Small Wife!

We simply can not know the sexual nature of the man’s life from this image. We can however, see anti-sex, a key element in upper class life, in full display as its self-cancelling sexuality and its reversion into the signifiers of royalty.

Darwin Fucks Freud

edited photo of Geoffrey Miller, author of “The Mating Mind”

I believe in my own sort of two-gender theory: incel and woman. This is based off of Mike Crumplar’s idea of “the incel who fucks,” simply extended to its logical conclusion to include all genders not identified as woman.

Sexual selection is something Freud seemed to be acquainted with, but his view was too “under-mined,” not nearly extensive enough.  Desire sublimated into a metaphor or reaction against is only a partial truth. The missing truth of Sex, as Geoffrey Miller writes in his book “The Mating Mind,” is sexual selection. The peacock does not need its feathers to fly, they are simply something which has a sexual selection function. This is basic knowledge, but the implications are vast when humans and there massive towers of reason become involved.

Is it surprising that human incel bird-brains (sometimes known as humans doing psychology or philosophy) creating towers of anti-pragmatic reason, resemble the anti-pragmatism of birds’ various plumages?  The male bird tends towards extensive plumages, where the woman bird is a simple brown. There is something within woman that does not require a certain type of effort, because the woman isn’t an incel, or the party who needs to think about such things.

Sexual selection, natural selection, must be added to a psychological knowledge of the human unconscious, along with repressed desire.

The Unconscious must extend outside of the human’s linguistic tree, and back into rationality. The rationality of sexual selection and natural selection carry with them structures outside of an individual mind and into the world, where the human world becomes an interlocking set of these various desires and survival.

In the first madblackfreud blogpost, I ask the question, why does psychoanalysis bring human’s to their burncore of desire and survival?

Perhaps something was missing then, which is that to even do such a thing, we must consider natural selection and sexual selection. Zizek understand’s structural unconscious as containing within it a human idea, and to the extent which our systems carry within them ideas such as market exchange, this is not the whole object.

There is in fact, a synthetic survival and sexual exchange embedded within our systems. This means if a system could maximize for material gains for someone, there is a good chance they would rather egoically weave their hyperstate through outside forces which are more directly involved with interpersonal dynamics for survival and sex.

Insofar as the #MeToo movement exists, sex and survival become a sort of unity, before breaking apart. Human women are not birds, and thus do not simply leave the sexual dance to the men. The great false dream is that #MeToo becomes part of the sexual act itself, rather than the simple reaction formation against the unwanted male sexual demand. #MeToo reaches its final moment in being totally forgotten within the act of sex.

Sex and survival are not a unity, but two separate categories which form unities through the human mind. If more women are vocal regarding the #MeToo movement, and it is not taken as gospel by men, we can also look at modern Marxism the same way. Why is the western Marxist movement so heavily male?

Most likely for the same reason the modern philosophy movement is, the human mind contains within it towers of not-immediately pragmatic linkages of reason as sexual plumage. In this sense, the incel gender is unified with the failed intellectual, one whose towers of reason did not function as sexual selection.

Let’s Talk Reterritorialization

Now, communication and control have become one, without remainder.

Byung-Chul Han

The question of rhetoric in the Aristotelian form rarely comes up in the 21st century. While we argue forms of truth and the truth of truth, the truth of rhetoric becomes lost under accusations of ad hominem.

Fidelity to the aim of the original purpose of the thing is a second movement and will of the original thing, but such Fidelity occurs primarily in academia, where the quality of service provided dramatically increases with that Fidelity. In the technopolitical landscape, such Fidelity is reserved for the most simplistic of ideas on one hand, and on the other, the vicious reterritorializations of Trumpistas.

The Socialist Left, which prides itself on its academic fidelity to the original aim of economic raising of quality of life, tends to forget the Aristotelian lesson that rhetoric is in fact, its own art.

Nick Land recently called me dishonest for arguing with his horde of monarchy, race theory pushing and capitalism enjoying horde by calling his Jewish citation a minstrel act for Anglos, a disgrace, and pointing to his own (rumored) association with the Jewish community from his lineage, specifically, asking if he’s going to raise his Jewish children to be minstrel spectacles for Anglo taste.

Yes, this is vicious.

But is this dishonest? Land then reduced leftism entirely to this practice of rhetoric, which is seen as alien to “the real thing” of truth, which is for him of course, race theory and the like.

A vigorous reterritorialization is best, but how does one first do this? First you need to be calling to something which has significance in the Real, and then there is a truth in the symbolic (the history of the Uncle Tom archetype).

A vicious piece of rhetoric, but not dishonest.

The rhetoric serves a sense of not being a spectacle for others utilizing one’s race. The moral framework of internalized racism is mainstream thinking, so almost never brought up in the cutting edge of philosophical thought, but it is certainly a fundamental question that race realist right wingers should contend with if they believe they should push that ideology on the world.

Reterritorialization is best done viciously if you really want to break something. What other job of a leftist intellectual could there be but to break forms of institutionalized race theory via rhetoric calling on the Real and symbolic orders which the reactionaries are trying to pull in their direction?

Deterritorialization and Reterritorialization via the word, qua rhetoric. Rhetoric is not a lie, but a mode of communication to argue for the moral standards one desires.

Acid Communism and the Heroic Dose

I’ve spoken previously of the Cosmonaut Blog’s Acid Communism critique, of it being more acid than communism, but perhaps– Acid Communism as outlined by Mark Fisher is not enough acid, and too much Woodstock. Perhaps we should go even further into acid metaphysics. Further into The Fear.

Ego death is considered something which Lacanian analysis shoots for in that it removes the imaginary identification property of speech, where in speech gets trapped in a narcissistic circuit in order to continually self-define.

“All that’s well and good,” you might be thinking, “but where is the acid?”

The narcissistic loop can not sustain desire and is not truly an entrance into the symbolic order, leaving one to deal with structural psychosis in the times where they are the least psychotic. Structural psychosis as in a removal from the symbolic order, one could call it a lack of empathy in that one does not understand the substantial material which is in front of them.

“Where is the acid Eliot why are you talking theory you wrote acid on the top please stop talking about Lacan.”


Ok. Whether one takes a strip (10 hits) of LSD, 10 grams of psilocybin, a mouthful of THC concentrates instead of a drop, or adrenomescaline straight from the morgue (this is a real thing, not just from Fear and Loathing), you are in the realm of something entirely different than a drug experience, you are now on a roller coaster where you sense that psychosis is a real possibility.

Hold onto the symbolic order for dear life, if you must, speak to those around you, but something is missing. Something is different. You’re not there anymore. Comrade isn’t home right now. Words exit your mouth, and it is you who is saying it, but it isn’t your usual register. People are significantly different. The Parallax View is in full effect, there is a change in the object which is truly a change in the subject, someone on a heroic dose.

A heroic dose comes quickly. Too quickly. You know this takes an hour to kick in, so when it kicks in under a few minutes, you can tell something is going to happen. Then slowly, things begin to fall apart. Or rather, your perception of them falls apart. Nothing to fear, you know it can’t kill you.

The key moment is the recognition of a radically different perspective, which is difficult to put into words. The lack here is unfortunate, but what I mean by this is a symbolic other than yours radically becomes at hand, and you are for all intents and purposes, within a different world.

Interrelating may become easier, it may become more difficult, or it may become possible, as your visions and feet tell you that something strange is happening.

You get the sense that you’re still holding on. Suddenly something comes to you, a trite answer isn’t trite.

Highly trite answers: empathy is good. Things can be looked at in many ways, nothing is black and white. But it becomes something else. The old, dull knowledge becomes the new, important knowledge. Empathy is what one calls the experience of love which is what the sexual neurosis supposedly lacks. Authentic empathy is a movement away from the feeling that reality is useless. Black and white thinking without the recognition of Antigone as in Kant’s second critique (aka, you can argue both sides of something) meaning that you can have empathy for everyone, you don’t need to hate anyone, you won’t help yourself by hating them– other such truisms. But suddenly it becomes apparent as necessity dialectically, as the next step.

You don’t find an end answer, but the next step. A heroic dose isn’t a goal, but a means to the unfolding of time. Not who you are as a person, but what is next, and a good Hegelian knows, there will be something after as well.

Acid Communism may not be the end answer to leftism, but it is a powerful Idea for a next step, a horizon of possibility, which is all any moment in time can give us at all, its own self-cancellation, its own knowledge of its temporariness, and its necessity intrinsically combined with its own death in the form of what is next.

Why I Am So Clever (Zizek In The Clinic: It Works)

I am generally known as a “good therapist” in my clinic. (“Oh, he’s good, lucky you” etc.) Why am I such a good therapist? Why am I so clever? (As Nietzsche would ask of himself.)

“Zizek In The Clinic” the book, but more importantly, Zizek in the clinic the process, is about circling the object of mental health, and specifically the role of the psychotherapist. Let me give you an example session that demonstrates psychoeducation in the form of the University Discourse which was extremely successful psychotherapeutically.

The Session

A client, which for ethical reasons I will keep specifics vague, is afflicted by a condition which is characterized by the return of the Real. This is a structure known as psychosis in Lacanian theory, but in this case, the diagnosis was not a psychosis issue, but something in which the Real would return on a constant basis throughout the day, to the point of suicidal ideation on the part of the client. You could say however, it was structurally psychotic, and the structural effects on social relations were similar to someone who may have been afflicted with psychosis. A Zizekian structuralist would notice the psychosis in the structure, but Lacan himself would nearly certainly miss this.

The Tools Utilized

1. Psychoeducation regarding the Return of the Real (and The Real’s return as affecting the symbolic order.)

The terror for the client was that the Real would return in every situation with other people. The therapist highlights this as a core symptom: in every situation, one does not relax, but attempts to repress the Real.

2. Che Vuoi? What Does the Other want from me?

The question of the Other’s desire, due to the visible nature of this return of the Real. The terror of the Other leads the client to unknowingly arrange their lives so they would account for their symptom through which the Real acts. The Real returns and eliminates the time in Actuality [I will expand on the necessity of Set-Time, ie, time in Actuality, in the next book on Egoist ethical theory I’m currently working on, but its use in psychotherapy is apparent here] the client had devoted for any particular situation and the client must enter into the discourse regarding the symptom instead.

3. A question with no answer asked by the therapist: “How can this be overcome?”

Here I side with Badiou over Zizek in terms of the job of the philosopher or therapist, in terms of an optimism. Zizek would stop in terms of the antagonism and not try to tie it all neatly in a lesson at the end, most likely. Here if the client wants to be a Zizekian, I do not interfere, but I repeat the question and through the repetition, rehighlight the objects of distress, and bring them into consciousness.


What would this client have done been given a regular therapist? Exposure therapy possibly, affirmation possibly, cognitive challenges (is the other really thinking that)?

I claim none of these circle the object of the symptom as well as this Zizekian approach, and the results of the client aren’t of someone who has been filled with blank affirmations leaving therapy feeling in a better mood with the feeling of a bubble soon to be popped by the next return of the Real, but someone who is deeply, and utterly forced to know the object which ails them in some respect, and its tendencies.

Zizek in the clinic is an ideal. An ideal of a therapist who knows what the hell they are talking about due to understanding the structure of the psyche and its structural effects and social consequences. It is an ideal worth repeating, and fighting for, because clients have no checks and balances, only one (1) psych cop to help them.

God help them, I hope they get a good one.