Psychological Egoism is dead, long live Psychological Egoism!

Picture from article, “Where Do Black Holes Lead?”

“Falling through an event horizon is literally passing beyond the veil — once someone falls past it, nobody could ever send a message back,” he said. “They’d be ripped to pieces by the enormous gravity, so I doubt anyone falling through would get anywhere.”

Professor Richard Massey, Royal Society research fellow at the Institute for Computational Cosmology at Durham University

{Part 1}-{Violence}{Good}

Psychological Egoism posits that all actions taken by human beings are done in their own self-interest, which means there is no escaping self-interest. Self-interest is posited as some kind of inevitability, but then what does self-interest even mean? In this case, being must be self-interest. Why then even talk about self-interest, why not then talk about being? Self-interest is further seeming like a lost cause.

Self-interest posits an inability to act and do in a manner which is outside of the self. This then understandably leads to a lot of errors in calculation, since impersonal forces tend to be ignored. Thus, psychological egoists or self-interest theorists turn into navel gazers, and forget the outside world exists. This however, dirempts self-interest and being in a way which no longer makes self-interest the ground of being. If one doesn’t escape their self-interest, and impersonal forces causes one to act rather than one’s will, then self-interest must be understood as outside of the self.

Institutions have a self-interest which is outside of any one of the creators, but an institution posits something which is created by humanity. The institution has both ideals and impersonal processes which affect the self, but the institution was created by humanity. This human birthed force means that the world is strewn with Frankenstein forces which are not equal to any single human life, but rather birthed out of self-interest!

Self-interest then is the human which escapes life itself, Frankenstein’s Monster is born in the institution! The creation is alive, but it is not any one person. The person becomes drawn into The Monster’s arm, the institution carries the ghost of the human will, and is the articulated demand in the world. We are carried and pushed by forces which seem like they could be equal to a single person like Jeff Bezos or Adolph Hitler or Donald Trump, but in fact we are contending with Frankenstein Monsters created from the human articulation, humans demands become the inhuman.

The human and the inhuman together create self-interest, and that is why self-interest is the ground of being. Self-interest is not the only substance in the world, it is not the only thing, but it is the key substance of creation and its consequences. Self-interest in order to be thought of at all must be thought of as the ground of being, of the will being articulated and coming together in the world in institutions outside of any one organic life form.

Only when The Monster is visible can it be rationally understood. Self-interest is the living dead institutionalized: the result of human efforts which ensnare humans in the creations of others and themselves. This ensnaring into the symbolic is radically at war with itself, the various snares competing and forming cartels as the violence of history moves forward, consuming and disintegrating us.

What then, is the good?

{Part 2}-{Violence}{Good}

The Good can be known as an ideal with its own logic, but the logic is once again, subject to self-interest. In “The Ego and Its Hyperstate” (Zero Books 2021) I detail the dialectical progression and creation of the interpersonal and the good in the framework of self-interest. The good is known by a tripartite system of Novices, Craftsman, and Leaders of the Good Cause, who contend to create force in the world for the good and to define what the good cause is (Part 2, Section B). They are linked through language, or through symbolic knowledge of the good. Interpersonal and Communal Life are negotiated through simple agreements, identities which reflect a developed form of agreement, and orders which negotiate both agreement and identity (Part 2, Section C).

To know self-interest is to begin to look at the Absolute Hyperstate (Part 2, Section D). I have laid the groundwork in the text to begin to know the inhuman and human forces of self-interest, to navigate both Frankenstein’s Monsters and The Good. This doesn’t make me an expert on the causes themselves, which have leaders and people who know what they are doing relating to various good causes, but I hope that through the text it may elucidate to my very clever, and very attractive readership the gravitational forces that they have to navigate.

The Jewish Dog

Spot was a good boy, now he may not have been the best boy, but he was an okay boy. Of the kinds of boys there are, he wasn’t the best, or the worst.

So as I was saying, Spot goes to the park, and a squirrel calls him a kike. Do you not believe me? Well who the hell are you! So as I was saying, Spot went to the park and a squirrel called him a kike. Ugly word, you don’t hear it very often because it has a lot of spikey “kay” consonants. Even the racists don’t say it often, it’s aesthetically not a good word while also not standing for something good. It falls way down the list of things racist say for that reason.

“KuKuhKuhKuh,” no good. Ugly.

This was not a good moment for Spot, not being the best boy, for if he was the best boy, he would have had something prepared in this situation which was dignified or some other bullshit like that. But he wasn’t the worst boy, although in this situation you’d have the free pass to bite him or something.

Squirrel calls you a kike, you can bite the squirrel, probably still not the worst boy.

Before Spot could get his head around what happened, the squirrel, being a squirrel, ran right up a tree. Spot didn’t really know what to do be he had some sort of idea that he was mad.

Spot, being not just Jewish but a dog, ran to the tree and starting barking at it, as dogs tend to do. Spot barked at that tree for hours and hours but the squirrel never came out of the tree! What does Spot do? Well being a dog he takes a piss right on the tree. As he’s pissing on the tree the squirrel sticks his head out, “hey, what the fuck are you doing, stop pissing on my tree! You disgusting mongrel, you filthy canine!”

Spot really lets the squirrel have it with the barking, but in an uncharacteristic mood, Spot decides, being an okay boy, to try to make some peace.

“Well you know what,” said Spot, “I don’t appreciate the Anti-Semitism.” “What the hell are you talking about?” asked the squirrel. “Well here I am minding my business, and you call me a Kike,” Spot said. “What?” The squirrel looked visibly confused, and he was getting noticably frustrated.

“You crazy mutt, get the hell out of here, and how would I even know you’re Jewish?”

Spot, confused, realized this was true. He was adopted by an old Jewish woman, and he rarely spoke about his religion to the other dogs at the park, since he liked to keep the conversation light with them, he didn’t want to broach any existential questions. At this point, Spot wandered off, tired, and wondering if he was losing it.

The squirrel looks puzzled, takes out an acorn and says before he starts chewing on it, “stupid fucking dog.” KuhKuhKuhKukrunchKuhKuhKuh


Part 1)-{Hyper-Oedipal Sexual Desire} Desire As Alien Planets, “New World Order” Desire

One’s mother is not the set of all which is {mother}. The mother does in a sense, have an Actuality of motherhood within the world for the child in his or her Actual mother, but {mother} being a linguistic item, means that it is attached to other possible linguistic items. {Woman}, most obviously, {caring} possibly, {punishing} possibly, and so on.

In other words, being with {woman} which may include other things attached to {mother}, and there is clear overlap in the two which is not a result of simple consciousness. A mother is a woman, a woman which is desired overlaps with {woman} who is part of {mother}. Woman becomes the hyper-oedipal in that a mother in the sense that she can not escape the maternal signifiers as well as an other’s desire for her as {woman} which becomes tangled with what is {mother}, and {man} with {father}, or perhaps {daddy}.

One wants closeness with both their mother and their partner, {closeness} is an overlap. Enough linguistic overlap and the water gets Oedipal, but it is really Hyper-Oedipal. The Actual mother does not become the object of desire, but rather the object of desire is always more elusive than that.

First there is the symbolic order which the baby is entered into (Symbolic S), then there is a desire for unity with the symbolic order in some manner which includes linguistic knowledge of what the world is made of (I), then the Real (R) of the world which is unperceived and escapes the modes of the rule of the Symbolic as well as the desire of the Imaginary. They all become what eventually is the end result of rational unity SI/R.

Yes SI/R! No SI/R!

This is what we think of unities which we both create and which are presented to us, Yes SI/R and No SI/R, validating and invalidating rational unities which are presented to us.. Here we see in our sexual partner hyperdaddy and hypermommy, and the creation of the new order which can sustain them.

Hypothetically there can be a distaste of the {mother} signifier like there is with Gilles Deleuze or a resentment of its large presence within the mind for Guattari, which can lead to an attraction to {woman} hypothetically anti- the maternal signifiers, but only their analysts would know which signifiers of desire the anti-oedipus theorists really, and there is no other way to put it, got their rocks off to. Same goes for those attracted to {man} or {men} and the signifiers {man} is attached to, which is where we get Sigmund-Freud-if-he-came-back meme highlight of the {daddy} signifier.

Part 2)-Hyper-Oedipal Sexual Desire {Desire As Alien Planets, New World Order Desire}

Who wants to rule the world? Everyone, but it depends on which world we’re talking about. People desire control of their {world} which is a rational unity of SI/R.

It is obvious that shifting consciousness is not enough, as there is already ego in the world in the form of positive demand (explained more in The Ego And Its Hyperstate Part 1, Chapter 3, but you can understand here briefly as rational unities already created within the world). Ergo, scinece fiction allows one to create a world where the institutional, material ego is radically different, and thus a change in consciousness is not a simple matter of buddhist practice, but of national spirit, an alien nationality with new histories and institutions.

This is used for sex and politics: yes SI/R!

Due to this, people aren’t necessarily outcasted to create the new, but rather by creating worlds, the new is already made available from previous orders. Re-ordering the world to suit sex and politics, a New World Order Desire. If you have ever been to a sort of psychedelic, avante-garde style art show that tries to create an experience, this is a snack-miniature version of science fiction. You leave such worlds rather quickly, it isn’t serving your sexual interest or political ambitions, but rather is presenting you with {fun}, which is nice but a fleeting sort of fulfillment thing, not the bottom of the food pyramid/Malsow Hierarchy…you know, the building blocks. But what if such institutions were available permanently? They already are.

The ego, which is present in the conscious, is already present in the world, but it is a combinatory force of civilization. It is constantly being re-asserted when orders which have been created already serve sex and politics, or denied when existing orders do not serve sex and political ambition.

We can make an alien planet of the world, but the crafty psychoanalyst wouldn’t do this willy nilly: it knows what you desire most: that’s right, signifiers! (ok, specific signifying chains and combinations it is more complicated than a single signifier).

When one says Yes SI/R in their new alien planet which can be established interpersonally/materially/sexually/politically and so on, they escape the trap of the new ager who tells one to focus their conscious thoughts so that they become reality, because that is only a certain reality of conscious thoughts. Instead, Being becomes a re-ordering, an alien invention, one which will die or be re-asserted by people after them.

Dialectical Egoism Core Concept: Force In The World

The fact of something being unknown is not the singular essential quality to the force of the thing. What is unarticulated is not in the unconscious (internal realm, per Jung) nor what is not known in the world (external realm, per Jung), but rather what is rationally present within the object.

Force is present despite consciousness’ second reflection upon it, and because force is not a simple matter of consciousness and unconsciousness of the thing, the simple speaking within analysis is not the act to end all acts. However, the second reflection upon the force can give it further definition such as in psychoanalysis, and thus create positive spoken (articulated) content out of negative unspoken (unarticulated) content, creating an adjustment in the actual forces in the world, but this is different than the conscious and the unconscious in that it takes into account essential rational forces within the object.

What is unarticulated we can know as “Will,” or negative force, and what is articulated we can know as “Demand,” or positive force.

In other words, things contain rationally knowable forces within them despite their appearance and disappearance from consciousness in the mode of a time-transcendental being rather than a single moment of time. However, through a single moment of time, forces can be articulated and become actual within the world in a new way which differs from its identity within objects or institutions in the world. Thus, becoming the opposite of time-transcendental: historical-actual.

What this Hegelian perspective adds to the psychoanalytic notion of the unconscious and the conscious are the properties of being which are not within a specific moment of time, but none the less are rationally present within consciousness.

For instance, maybe one hopes to be promoted at work. Whether one knows or does not know, or half knows that this will give them more control of their work environment, it is not essential. What is essential is the presence of control within the work environment when one is promoted, this is what I call “Pure Unconscious Rational Force” in the latter chapters of “The Ego And Its Hyperstate: The Dialectical Dream Theory Of Self-Interest.”

Self-Interest being the ground of being points to the changing of the forces in the world, psychically, and materially. It escapes the idealism of Jung, and brings into light the dreams within reality.

The Genius of the Junkie Brain

Sherlock Holmes sniffs his client’s cigarette smoke while hearing of the hound of the Baskervilles. (2015, decolorized)

In the new “Sherlock” television version of “The Hound of the Baskervilles,” Sherlock Holmes demonstrates his cold calculating ability to deduce exact moments in time despite withdrawing from nicotine, demonstrating to the affable Doctor Watson that his fiendishness has no negative effect on his ability to do his work. But the work itself is fiendishness, and that is the topic which is glanced over but none-the-less at the heart of the appeal of a character like Sherlock Holmes.

We will now change gears and move into the realm of philosophy and psychology. There is a dialectical unity possible between the initial impulsive movement of the addictive impulse and reason, but in fact reason has the potential to become spirit through the addictive impulse rather than simply substance. Substantive thinking, which is to say logic which is accurate and refined, may in fact not lead the thinker to a form of being which is satisfactory to them. The oceanic feeling may evade the genius for their entire life, and this is due to the inability to sublate the initial addictive impulse which is seen as low, childlike, and antithetical to good thought.

The appeal of a thinker such as Nick Land, who talks of high tech racism, is that there is an addictive nature to the racist impulse, thus while sober academics struggle to garner an audience, Nick Land finds himself easily able to find readers even in people who violently disagree with his racist conclusions. This is due to the sublation of a true addictive impulse, simple hatred or contempt of the other.

In a similar vein, Sigmund Freud finds readers and amused onlookers in his reading of civilization as the sublimated outcome of the sexual drive and the destructive instincts. This is not due to Freud being an addict, but rather due to Freud’s ability to think with the addictive part of the brain.

That initial reason for being, the initial push that gets us interested in anything, must be carried to the acting out of the thing or else the thing is a mere simulacrum of its initial desire, mocking its original purpose.

If one feels a fiendish attraction and dreams of being in a relationship and talks of nothing but responsibility, then what was the purpose in the first place? Love is a fiend, not a tax collector. To reduce love to its proper form in marriage or property relations is to lose the initial reason for being which the formal relationship exists.

In the same vein, if one is embarking on a career, to reduce that work to simple duty removes the initial dopaminergic mechanism which makes the career worth pursuing. If you are forced into a certain line of work due to capitalism for one reason or another, this does not apply, but if you have a wide range of options for employment and one option sticks out as more appealing than the others for what seems like an illogical reason, that is to say, sticks out via a phantasmagoric notion, this is not a bad thing. This is not simply the imaginary waiting to fail, but a line which can lead you down the path to a satiated being, in other words:

“…satisfaction of the whole chap”

The Ego And His Own

To follow the strings of one’s addictive impulses is not so simple however. To attach to the addictive modes of functioning, which is to say simple drug addiction, does not provide the symbolic support necessary to create a circuit which is sustaining without the drug support. The drug support emerges as a booster for symbolic functions which are not satisfactory in themselves; that is to say, ways of living which just aren’t good enough.

To be a happy sober fiend, that is the real thing. It is possible. This does not mean you have to swear off drugs, this is not a general pitch for sobriety, but rather the expression of tuning your reason to follow the addictive impulses and creating a symbolic structure which does justice to your dopamine release system.

Can you have a crumb of dopamine? Yes you may.

Subway Guy Gave Me Two Cookies Instead Of One: A Mind-Bending Journey Into The Dark Heart Of Our Egoist Core

Me being given two cookies instead of one signals the corruption that lies at the heart of man and the nothingness of law within any given situation. The enlightenment has failed, western civilization has ended, the dinosaurs are coming back to kill and fuck us all in alliance with some A.I. terminators.

Ok maybe I am being a bit dramatic. Terminator raptors would be pretty cool though.

The cookie scenario happened despite me only half-paying attention to the sandwich artist. I even felt a little bad that I wasn’t trying to make small talk. I was listening to Ready Player One and fetishizing the possibility of Zizek’s AR reality coming to life. This is something critical theory and common sense wouldn’t like, but I feel brings in the essences of the universe into my grasp very cleanly.

As I was fantasizing about flying across the ocean with ease, symbolic order intact while adjusting to an entirely different culture without a second thought assisted by augmented reality, the guy was clearly speaking to me. I couldn’t tell if I wasn’t listening, or if he just didn’t enunciate clearly. Many times our day to day workers are smart people just crushed by the capitalist machine, but sometimes they are fucking idiots. This man was neither, but he seemed to garble his words,, he was a bit overweight and I wonder if his fleshy face contributed to it or if it was something else. Plenty of larger people enunciate better than I do, so perhaps it’s the sandwich artist grind which inspires an intercommunication style which talks to one’s self.

Then suddenly, it came on.

“The Greatest Love Of All,” by Whitney Houston.

“Whitney Houston,” I tell the cashier. “I wasn’t expecting Whitney Houston at Subway.”

He began to state that he doesn’t pick the songs, clearly not understanding that in fact, I like this Whitney Houston song. The fact of the matter is, I like Whitney Houston. She seemed to care about an ideal love, which in a famous woman I assume signals a deep emotional issue, which I find very endearing. Rather than stepping on the world which she clearly could, being the diva that she was, she sang, “I believe the children are our future.”

Inspiring. After I made it clear I liked the song, the man at Subway could tell I was desirous of his environment. I enjoyed the song choice, and he, being the Subway rep, could share in my delight.

He was told to only give out one cookie with a meal, but he clearly picked up two, and put both cookies in the bag. Not only that, when I dropped my wallet after he filled it up, as he could tell I was really engaging with him if only half-listening, or more likely, because I was half-listening, providing the lack which is key to desire, he picked up my wallet with seeming reverence when I dropped it, in a very friendly manner. It wasn’t a slavish manner, but the manner of a man who decided he and another were in a union, a union against the symbolic order.

And yet, the symbolic order between the two were present, retailer and customer. He gives me something which isn’t his but that he has immediate administrative control over, and continues our conversation which I only half-hear and he only half-speaks

My cognitive abilities were lowered due to half-attention, but I was able to gain more and have better interpersonal relationships.

Perhaps the best professional move for myself is lobotomy, maybe it would recreate and expand this highly successful result which I achieved here today.

Maybe I’ll just wait until Neuralink so I can get some high tech lobotomy action. Clicking Tesla rockets crash landing in my head, cutting off nerve endings, increasing my interpersonal communication skills.

We’ll see!

America Is Beyond Redemption: A Blackpill Case For Exit

From the standpoint of Reza Negastrani’s theory of intelligence as a historical process, one can’t help but to notice a distinctly downward trend in the US. I don’t believe it is reversible.

America’s spirit is distinctly anti-rational, and its political champions are either foolish rhetoric pushers, or they demand changes which are not just stifled by America’s law, but by the American people’s insistence on aesthetic spectacle as the ground of change. By my estimation, America is cancelled. I am not predicting the collapse of the USA’s economic system, its Anarcho-Dunning-Keugerism will continue to be a centerpiece within global capitalism, but one who wishes to not have themselves and their offspring pulled into a void of anti-rationality may want to leave the country entirely.

If we look at America the state, we can see that America has overcome itself, and has become interested only in its own degradation. Both the fascist right and liberal left pitch various destructions of the ideal of individual freedom. The American Idea was the articulation of the enlightenment ideology, an escape from the tyranny of monarchy, which brings to men the reduction of their freedom. The experiment, I am glad to say, has been a resounding success in democratic processes, and has inspired the democratization of many countries around the world.

Wonderful, now let’s leave this burnt out engine of freedom.

In what sense is America beyond redemption? Simply, there is no national spirit which is not the cancelling of the idea of human freedom itself through right.

American National Identity Is Permanently Dead

I am grateful for Donald Trump’s emergence and display of the ideal form of right wing American nationalism as cruel and stupid. Not much time has to be wasted here. The American liberal left, by design, can not have a single such champion. However, it is glaringly obvious as one tries to search for any sort of cohesive program being actualized which eliminates poverty and provides housing, and economic justice for its disenfranchised people, that no such program will ever emerge.

Capital makes good friends with the irrational demands of the supposed radical American left, who are all to happy to push forward cryptic nonsensicalisms to be interpreted by Democrats in power and translated into reforms which paint the smile wider on human face of capital.

American history has taken a distinct line of flight towards freedom through law and ideal, and that line of flight is over.

What Plato identifies as the Good is the line in its [intelligence’s] continuity, the continuous line that simultaneously binds different aspects of reality and the life of intelligence and renders them intelligible as a whole. The interplay of peras and aperion, the limited and the unlimited, is on full display in this continuity. The former makes intelligible the abyss of reality, bringing new sectors of it into focus by introducing measures, and thus enabling intelligence to answer the question of what ought to be thought and done. The latter, meanwhile, expands the horizon of what can be made intelligible. And finally, the interplay of both is what dissolves any manifest totality that lays claim to reality, thereby enabling intelligence to explore what can be thought and done.

Reza Negastrani, “Intelligence and Spirit”

The negation of American law is now the highest justice, and in this case, America has cancelled itself. When taking upon the significance of COVID, Trump, race riots, the definite arc is an impossible overcoming of itself. All lights at the end of the tunnel here are merely a long series of oncoming trains.

What ought to be done for the individual? Simple: leave the county.

If money is an issue, you have too many ties to the land, or now is not a good time for you, or you simply want to grill, I can understand why this blackpill is simply not for you…yet.

Countries whose power was not built upon the primordial crime of the efficiency of slavery have in Volkgeist, the ability to overcome the issues of the day. America is different. There is no gap between America and the issue of racial identity contra the state or contra its people, there is only the conclusion of being contra America itself (the left) or bolstering Dunning-Kreuger fascism.

As a leftist, and an Egoist, I say exit. Find somewhere where human freedom can still be worked out via the geist, or live in a manner forcefully disconnected from the world due to one’s own highest involvement being able to only be dialectically corrected via argumentation with irrational liberalism, or Dunning-Kreuger fascism.

Take the blackpill, leave.

The Violent Inevitability

What is in the eyes of Detective Pikachu here? Perhaps he is remembering the man whose life he watched drain from his eyes after putting 9 rounds into his abdomen and chest, 9 rounds he decided to shoot off after the man said to him something that only Detective Pikachu could hear.

Perhaps our hero didn’t like that, and he knew there would be no witnesses. So he killed him in cold blood. Perhaps Detective Pikachu liked that. Perhaps he thinks of it when he orgasms.

It is clear that Detective Pikachu is a disgusting creature.

Should we cut his funding?

Sure, make Detective Pikachu sweat a little bit. But will they take away his job? Of course not, not unless he gets caught. Of course, Detective Pikachu never gets caught. He will never choke out a man on camera. He’s smart about it. His Japanese parents raised him to be cunning, and his sharp mind and quick thinking defends itself with violent fury, and in that defense of itself, it has some room to spare. So Detective Pikachu dabbles in debauchery, his body shakes with pleasure as he moves into sadism as he dabbles in assault and murder.

Some days Detective Pikachu is burnt out, and the murder no longer carries with it pleasure, but it is the expression of a tired rage.

Lord help you if you are Chinese. God save you if you are black. Pikachu is a notorious racist.

Pikachu has benefits.

Pikachu has healthcare.

Pikachu has a retirement plan.

And he didn’t like being placed at schools anyway, nothing to do, no one worth killing.

Nothing will change, except maybe now more than ever, Pikachu is hated. He is not hated for what he has been seen doing, but he is hated for the possibility of him having done it. And he has done it. And he has liked it. And he has hated it. Pikachu either drinks or is sober. Pikachu is a force on his own.

Detective Pikachu is an inevitability.

Detective Pikachu is eternal.

The American Southwest Philosophy Geistpatch And John David Ebert’s Pissing On The Grave Of His Ex

This is biting off a bit more than I can chew, since John David Ebert (JDE) is a good speaker and knowledgable philosophy scholar who clearly has a vindictive streak, but oh well. I have no intention of “diagnosing” JDE and I don’t have the information/will/or even proof there is any mental issue with JDE. I also am not trying to “cancel culture” JDE. Instead, I want to address the social conditions which give rise to such rants, so the people who are exposed to these rants can understand them a bit better.

After promoting the art of his now passed away girlfriend Mary Church, JDE discovered that he had been cheated on quite a bit. Since then, he has written many posts calling her a “whore,” with people telling him to stop, and other alt-right posters egging him on. I am only writing this post because after then seeing his video discussing his calling her a whore, I recognized this as the calm-toned geist of the American Southwest right-wing philosophy patch.

My experience with New Mexico libertarianism involving Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Justin Murphy, Dr. Geoffrey Miller, and Dr. Diana Fleischman, left me with the knowledge that there is something strange happening in the Southwest. There is a serious, serious de facto think tank going on which aims to promote alternative ideas from viewpoints which are typically right wing which we can understand as the Southwest Right Wing philosophy geist.*

After hearing more people who are harder working and just as smart if not smarter than me discuss the intricacies of futurist and right wing political ideas, which it would be extraordinarily rude of me to write about after being let into someone’s home besides the general description of them being right wing and futurist, I was left at times amazed and at times shaken (what a leftie signifier!) by the feeling that I had stepped into an alternative universe.

Fleicschman, Miller, and the Professors Drs. Murphy seemed to have filled a certain void in the world, as other reactionaries have, which is to say the void of new thought.

Whatever you may think of JDE’s diatribe, and I really, really am not being cute here, I think it is mindbogglingly terrible, what you can not deny is that it is different, and it is right wing.

The idea that these ideas come out of nowhere, or that they come out of a single individual, is incorrect. But further, they are the result of a certain mini-Volkgeist.

JDE’s rants are cruel and unusual, but they are not met with no support. They are met with the support of what can only be understood as a ghost mushroom which has arisen in the desert. Living in the mushroom, taking bites of the mushroom, gazing into the mushroom, has produced this result. There is no JDE Grave Pissing rant without the Southwest Right Wing Philosophy Patch.

This is important to understand, because you are not fighting the ethical unit of a single man, but rather you are fighting as a member of a geist. To know yourself as only you and your efforts rather than you as part of a certain geist is to miss what you are. I am definitely of a few geists, as maybe we all are, and I try to make the hauntings unique. But if I was to try to enact a change in something as merely myself rather than with the spirit of a Geistpatch, I would be deluding myself.

I can’t imagine how angry the ex’s parent’s are, but this is the status quo for right wing diatribe: it is brutal, vicious. To simply call it brutal and vicious, or to become invested in cancelling someone for doing what is in fact, an essential aspect which feeds back onto itself, misses the point of engaging in such tasks.

I can introduce someone to certain ideas, but it is better to introduce them to a good thinker and a community as well. I run various facebook groups, I link people to Zero Books authors, Freud texts, Lacan texts, Zizek texts, Anarchist texts, Socialist texts, because it introduces someone to my Geistpatch, which references various Spirits and Ideas which haunt humanity.

Don’t like what JDE is saying? Haunt better than him.

*Edit after posting:
Per request of Dr. Justin Murphy: I should clarify that Justin Murphy not a right winger. It is possible the good doctor’s diagnosis that my creativity may have gotten the best of me here is accurate. It is his association with famous right wingers such as Mencius Moldbug, Nick Land and discussing right/unconditional acceleration that I know him for, but he certainly associates with left wingers and speaks with them as well, and self-identifies as a left winger, so I will not be a shitlord and mis-politico-gender him.

Quantum Self-Care: “If Self-Care Is So Great, Why Isn’t There A Self-Care 2?”

Quantum, in itself, –for Quantum, in its self-externality, is also itself; its externality is part of its determination […] it is the very being of Quantum to be its own Other, to be self-external; and thus this external part is equally nothing else than Quantum: the beyond or infinite itself is a Quantum.

Hegel, Science of Logic, P 242, 243 (Johnson and Struthers Translation 1929)

The human insofar as the human knows itself is in a quantum form, in that it contains simultaneously a supposed inside as well as itself as an object, a divided subject. However, this “itself as an object” collapses immediately inside when one acknowledges the substance of all that is language is also present in the human through the unconscious, and through identification with systems and ideas and even simply seemingly unrelated words!

So the thing which takes-care-of-itself is also itself in the taking-care-of.

What does this mean politically? There is a tendency towards a split between the taking care of and the object which is being taken care of. The logic goes something along the lines of: fascist tendencies take care of the object, and that is what is important! But the fascist tendencies are themselves the political landscape and the object of politics as well, rather than simply keeping the trains running on time.

In other words:

Incorrect- {fascism -> trains on time}

Correct- {fascism, trains on time}

There is not means and ends, ergo there is no means-to-an-end, the state of the matter is Quantum.

Society does not have a set of problems, rather society is itself problem solving. The self is not something which needs self-care, the self is in fact self-care. There are elements of the self which one cites as qualitatively something which needs care but those elements can only be known at times through the method of caring, there is once again no means-to-an-end.


With the lack of a means-to-an-end, there can be no kingdom-of-ends. There can be no treating of the human as an end-in-itself, as the treating itself is the human as well. It is a false movement towards a posit.

What can be known is difference between the treatments as being-itself, in its Quantum nature. The difference between treatments means one is always reconciling with the self and the world in a Quantum Process Of Being.

The Quantum Hyperstate created is thus a finite taking-care-of, which is itself the thing, inseperable. Our taking care of the enviornment is inseperable from the object which is the environment, which makes in turn itself known as the object of the earth as well as the inhabitants.

COVID-19 and Quantum

Our taking care of the virus is inseparable from the virus. The RNA structure invades cells and culture, which may seem like a trite observation or not respecting of the material viral process, but we MUST remember the basic Hegelian lesson that insofar as something concerns humanity, it enters the fray of the Ideals of humanity, even that Ideal is backed by a physical sickness. That physical sickness is not a simple object, but it is the avoidance of the physical sickness, the register of physical sickness as a society, and the unconscious desire to act-as-if-it-isn’t, while taking extra precautions.

It would be a mistake to simply say we have a problem of the virus that needs to be taken care of. Dare I say, in order to make everyone mad by making their strawman real in the form of myself, “humans are the virus,” and I stand by it! To understand the virus as Quantum we have to see the taking care of and the virus in unity with the self, or we risk not understanding the virus.

The methods of taking care of the virus can not simply be a means to an end. Would Americans tolerate strict quarantine and arrest? We could try it! We could try to flatten the curve, but this is the virus beginning to build the tolerance for dramatic government rule in the Americas, and I’m not too sure that is something which would be tolerated without violence.

Either way, whatever the answer to this, the method and the object are not separate when united in a politic, and it isn’t separate when it is united in the self.

Self-Care 2

Know self-care as a crafting of the self, this is the only self-care 2 that I can offer. Self-care is not simply a tool to be utilized on the object which is the self, self-care is something which crafts the self in Actuality. One must make the self, insofar as the care of the self is the self.