Absolute Egoism (part 2)

An Absolute Egoism, just as any other Absolute, would have to examine what it is composed of as well as what it is used to compose. To create what is Actual, is to understand the interaction between self, society, and what is categorically significant (substance). What is Actual is composed of separate categories which interact with each other, and ultimately takes the form of a hole, and Absolute Egoism can be said to be the only integration of the systemic process of all categories by a single subjectivity (which is to say, the only category which can be held by the singular subjective without internal contradiction, and hold what is both positive and negative in categorical existence).

  1. Substance is what is deemed to be meaningful which can not be reduced further categorically. Substance having an infinite quantity exists in itself fully without a singular actor or a person manifesting it’s form. E.G, good, desire, intelligence, survival.
  2. An Absolute, does not have the irreducibility of substance or category, but is a necessary combinatory singular category.
    1. 2a. An Absolute appears in its true form only through a finite subjectivity due to its necessity to be manifested in an ideal form.
  3. Geist exists through any system with two or more subjectivities, a systemic force which enacts itself but is not substance (an irreducible and significant category) nor an Absolute.
  4. What is Actual is that which is never able to be described in a singular manner, and due to its indescribability, provokes a hole in the Real, an uncannyness or indescribability, but none the less as a space is itself Actual, and exists as an Ideal.

Absolute Egoism can know itself as other Absolutes, Geist, and substance, which is to say an Absolute can contain other Absolutes. Just as human beings can only manifest a single organism but can understand multigenerational genetics, a human subjectivity while affected by Geist and substance and exist without the single subjectivity can understand itself as a component in what is Actual, a non-synthetic combination of Absolutes, substance, and Geist, it’s non-synthetic nature ultimately an ideal conception of a hole, or knowledge of a negativity within positive categories.

Absolute Egoism is the only Absolute which fully encapsulates the aspect of the Absolute which is manifested in a singular being totally, and is thus the one Absolute which acts as a stepping stone to every other Absolute in which a single subjectivity can have access to. Absolute Egoism is a necessary combinatory singularity due to the existence of Psychological Egoism, or the inescapability of self-interest.

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