Techno-Dictatorship: Territory

Oracle at Delphi

I. Real Territory II. Virtual Territory III. Actual Territory, Territory-in-and-for-Idea

I. Real Territory

11. Insofar as civilizations crumble, so do territories and their usage for the Idea. Territories in space which have been previously used for the Idea do not necessarily contain the Idea, and thus do not necessarily contain being-for-Idea. If the territory is still used by human beings, the territory is still being-for-Spirit, but not being-for-Idea.

12. Real Territory, in so far as it is not nor not not being-for-Idea, nor is it Virtual nor mapped, will none-the-less contain being-for-Spirit. Being-for-Spirit is a separate mediating quality of the Real Territory as the container of multiple Ideas, mediated through world-in-and-for-Spirit. Insofar as Idea interacts with itself, the Idea takes into account and brings into frame a second Idea, through the Real Territory, when Idea sees an aspect of self whose Absolute is outside of the Idea, insofar as its end is indeterminate.

13. Being-for-Idea is thus dirempted, insofar as Spirit through the Real Territory comes suggestion of territory for a second Idea or Absolute. The content of this second Idea is brought into frame by human agency, and a determination is made as to the relation of this content in the Being-for-Idea which is subject to mediation in the world-for-Spirit, as grounded in Real Territory, which has connection to the Idea.

II. Virtual Territory

14. The map is not the territory insofar as the territory being described is not a map. If a territory for a craft is taken to be simply an all encompassing plurality containing both the machinations of human beings as well as its use for animals, plants, and so on, the Territory is no longer being-for-Spirit, and is primordial Nature. In so far as a territory has a map, it can said to being-for-Spirit, and thus, in and for the mediation of the Idea through Dictate.

15. Thus, Virtual Territory must necessarily come into contact with the primordial nature of the territory, and is mediated via the Will of the three technocratic subjectivities, Actor, Craftsman, and Dictator (of the Idea). While the three technocratic subjectivities are in contact with what is primordial, all offer up interpretations which are for-Idea, but whose fidelity-to-the-Idea varies based on the relationship to the Idea.

16. The mediation of the map then, is the determiner of what will constitute Actual Territory, which is to say the map is the territory in its Actuality, and is not able to be seperated from its being-in-and-for-Spirit, nor its being-for-Idea. Agency then, and determiner of whose agency constitutes a Dictator in so far as something which is not yet Idea becomes Idea, determines the Actuality of the World.

III. Actual Territory, Territory-in-and-for-Idea

17. When the map becomes inseparable from the territory and new territory for an Idea is created, the Territory becomes Territory-in-and-for-Idea. In so far as the new territory is in-and-for-Idea, both being-for-Spirit and being-for-Idea mediates the new territory. Thus, the Idea is in constant threat of being redefined by second Ideas, insofar as the second Idea determines the first Idea to be a better use of the Territory in a different form.

18. Being-for-Spirit then is suppositional to being-for-Idea, and constitutes a Mortal Danger in regards to the fidelity-to-the-Idea. The Mortal Danger to the Idea is the world which is in-and-for-Spirit, not in-and-for-Idea. Spirit being a mediation of the Idea as it relates to other Idea, must then be broken in some manner by Dictator, if is to become Territory-in-and-for-Idea.

19. Technology, in so far as it is utilized by a Dictatorial Will which is for-Idea, then becomes what affects being-for-Spirit, and creates Actual Territory for the Idea. The Idea, which is always secondary to Spirit, then gains a piercing quality, in which the inferior in position Idea is now in a place to change Spirit through Dictatorial Will.

20. Dictatorial Will comes up against Spirit, but is necessarily also Spirit Itself. Insofar as it comes up against Spirit, Dictatorial Will is fighting against all that is not yet the Idea. Territory which is not yet Idea challenges Dictatorial Will which necessarily puts for the territory as being-in-and-for-Idea. If the Territory is recognized outside of the agent who initially describes the territory as in-and-for-Idea, it can be said to be Actual Territory of the Idea, whose catalyst was the Dictatorial Will. The result is not a Dictatorship which contains a place for a singular Dictator to rule at whim, but an Actual Territory of the Idea, and a reflection of Territory-in-and-for-Idea which becomes a part of Spirit.

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