Actualization as Non-Actualized Ideal

This is a pipe, so to speak.

Through Actualization, what could be mistakenly called as a reflection or a shell of the actualized event is created. After the Actualization of whatever signifying chain is created however, it is this reflection which passes the truth test, but only as the form of this reflection or Ideal. In other words, the register of truth of Actualization is never Actualized, but present as Ideal.

This Non-Actualized form of Actualization, which Justin Murphy explained of me as what he liked about me, “you don’t LARP,” might better be said, “I don’t LARP without a valid access key.” What is seen is this non-actualized actualization.

Hegel attempted to ground this mad flux into a single Actualization, one as Napolean as World Spirit. However, one might say more accurately that Napolean as Ideal was wielded by both Napolean, the French, the Aristocracy, and so on, which Hegel eventually is stuck in a flux that only Lacan can solve.

The flux Hegel is stuck in does not account for jouissance, or enjoyment because Hegel immediately grasped this in the beginning of the Phenomenology, where Hegel describes ecstacy.

The beautiful, the holy, the eternal, religion, love – these are the bait required to awaken the desire to bite: not the notion, but ecstasy, not the march of cold necessity in the subject-matter, but ferment and enthusiasm – these are to be the ways by which the wealth of the concrete substance is to be stored and increasingly extended.

Hegel, Phenomenology of Spirit, Section 7, “Present Position of the Spirit”

The significance of all that is, lay in the thread of light by which it was attached to heaven; instead of dwelling in the present as it is here and now, the eye glanced away over the present to the Divine, away, so to say, to a present that lies beyond.

Hegel, Phenomenology of Spirit, Section 8, “Present Position of the Spirit”

What could be said of reality is it is inevitably split, and it might always be a LARP. There are truth keys of the symbolic order, Actualization, and the phantasies of the imaginary which may repeat due to systemic structures which create similar and repeating desires for jouissance out of the objectively present symbolic, which can also be known as subjectivity as object.

In other words, subjectivities as objects, as Ideals reflecting phantasy, symbolic truth or access tokens, all are utilized within the register of the symbolic, in the form of ideal. As an object; a LARP.

Was not Napoleon a LARPer? Or as Zizek states, isn’t the obvious fact about Hitler is that he is a guy pretending to be Hitler? This means the symbolic order is still worth fighting for, is still worth a Being-as-LARPing-towards.

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