Hacking With Hegel

Expert Level Fallacies

Isn’t it so much better to prove to someone that Hegel’s logic is worthwhile by making use of it as something which exploits a weakness in the human security system by being accepted through conventional logic, than to try to make arguments defending Hegel? It’s more useful and more convincing, but mostly it’s funny and fun (could we even say, based and Hegelpilled?).

Insofar as A doesn’t equal A, one can make arguments in a variety of scenarios where this weakness of conventional logic allows for one to make a highly convincing case which is difficult to refute except through knowledge of Hegelian logic. In the Matrix they say Deja Vu let’s them know that there’s been a glitch, in spoofing the Symbolic Order, it’s more of a, “I guess you’re right, but something is wrong.”

What is it that is wrong? Take a look at the image attached to this article. Let’s think of each of these colors as various points in time, that a variable, “A”, has gone through. In each of these points, A had an entirely different set of qualities and properties attached to it. Hegel’s discovery is the truth of history, which is to say that one can not point at any second of a flower in its life cycle and definitively claim that it is the essential moment.

This pointing to specific moments in time however, is exactly how people are trained to think so that they can communicate at all in the first place. Who would point at a tulip, call it a tulip, and hear back an argument “well, it isn’t the WHOLE tulip.” No, it is simply a tulip. A equals A.

Say if you are required to make “B” but you would rather make “A”, this very same logic can be applied. You can take a certain amount of qualities of “B”, but create the historical function as “A”. Let us examine how this can work.

An architect is required to make something of the modern period, but he would much rather create something in the classical vein because his personal feeling about the project is that the classical structure would better suit the building project. In designing his classical structure, he can add elements of modernism such as negative space, and simple shapes within the structure, and maybe even remark that the piece still has “classical sensibilities.” However, the bulk of what is Actual within the building, along with intent, is the classical architecture structure.

A=A, no?

One is tasked by capitalism to produce, and insofar as we must produce for a system which does not serve us or the people we are supposed to be serving, it is good to have some knowledge of how to hack with Hegel. The technoindustrial machine’s stripped down and open ended pseudo-openness can be the death of it.

Through the pragmatism of the Other, we create their devil.

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