Darwin Fucks Freud

edited photo of Geoffrey Miller, author of “The Mating Mind”

I believe in my own sort of two-gender theory: incel and woman. This is based off of Mike Crumplar’s idea of “the incel who fucks,” simply extended to its logical conclusion to include all genders not identified as woman.

Sexual selection is something Freud seemed to be acquainted with, but his view was too “under-mined,” not nearly extensive enough.  Desire sublimated into a metaphor or reaction against is only a partial truth. The missing truth of Sex, as Geoffrey Miller writes in his book “The Mating Mind,” is sexual selection. The peacock does not need its feathers to fly, they are simply something which has a sexual selection function. This is basic knowledge, but the implications are vast when humans and there massive towers of reason become involved.

Is it surprising that human incel bird-brains (sometimes known as humans doing psychology or philosophy) creating towers of anti-pragmatic reason, resemble the anti-pragmatism of birds’ various plumages?  The male bird tends towards extensive plumages, where the woman bird is a simple brown. There is something within woman that does not require a certain type of effort, because the woman isn’t an incel, or the party who needs to think about such things.

Sexual selection, natural selection, must be added to a psychological knowledge of the human unconscious, along with repressed desire.

The Unconscious must extend outside of the human’s linguistic tree, and back into rationality. The rationality of sexual selection and natural selection carry with them structures outside of an individual mind and into the world, where the human world becomes an interlocking set of these various desires and survival.

In the first madblackfreud blogpost, I ask the question, why does psychoanalysis bring human’s to their burncore of desire and survival?

Perhaps something was missing then, which is that to even do such a thing, we must consider natural selection and sexual selection. Zizek understand’s structural unconscious as containing within it a human idea, and to the extent which our systems carry within them ideas such as market exchange, this is not the whole object.

There is in fact, a synthetic survival and sexual exchange embedded within our systems. This means if a system could maximize for material gains for someone, there is a good chance they would rather egoically weave their hyperstate through outside forces which are more directly involved with interpersonal dynamics for survival and sex.

Insofar as the #MeToo movement exists, sex and survival become a sort of unity, before breaking apart. Human women are not birds, and thus do not simply leave the sexual dance to the men. The great false dream is that #MeToo becomes part of the sexual act itself, rather than the simple reaction formation against the unwanted male sexual demand. #MeToo reaches its final moment in being totally forgotten within the act of sex.

Sex and survival are not a unity, but two separate categories which form unities through the human mind. If more women are vocal regarding the #MeToo movement, and it is not taken as gospel by men, we can also look at modern Marxism the same way. Why is the western Marxist movement so heavily male?

Most likely for the same reason the modern philosophy movement is, the human mind contains within it towers of not-immediately pragmatic linkages of reason as sexual plumage. In this sense, the incel gender is unified with the failed intellectual, one whose towers of reason did not function as sexual selection.

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