Big Knife! Small Wife! and Anti-Sex

The obsessional could be characterized as the anti-sexual, even and especially when it comes to sex. Here Dr. Phil reveals himself as a flora of various dialectical movements, the obsessional successful television doctor brandishing his obviously penile knife, in line with the pornographic fetish, the small wife, the signifier of youth here being smallness, the aging wife of Dr Phil has the ability to be in a linguistic sense, forever young.

Big Knife! Small Wife!

Anti-Sex is a powerful spell, to make public sex and also to simultaneously cast it aside immediately. The understanding of the symbolic order of sex to be so totally beyond sex, that one returns and appears to be grasping the sexual object.

Is this the case? Look closer reader, look closer!

The signifier on Dr. Phil is not money, is not something pornographic, but rather French quisine. The sex joke’s dialectical movement is revealed here.

Big Knife! Small Wife!

The reversion into the realm of class reveals the true sexual dynamic, Dr. Phil’s presence in the spectacle hinting at his royalty. Royalty is beyond sex! Royalty is anti-sex, anti-proletarian sentiment is always anti-sex.

As for the true sex life here, who is to say! How hard does Dr. Phil’s wife cum we he shoves his aging penis inside her? The truth is unable to be mined from this photograph.

We can see however, hints of a comical bond between the two. Is it a cynical comical bond of two spouses who have sexually grown past each other but none the less live with each other?

Big Knife! Small Wife!

We simply can not know the sexual nature of the man’s life from this image. We can however, see anti-sex, a key element in upper class life, in full display as its self-cancelling sexuality and its reversion into the signifiers of royalty.

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