The Retrofuturism of the Virus: the past has not yet occurred.

The temporality of capital production has been halted, but what has emerged in its place? Projections of future infection, knowledge of past plagues. Coronavirus always-has-been of course, through the plagues which emerge as yesterdays rather than dead stories.

Each past and future creates a different temporality and a different sci-fi reality, which is to say a present which is only ever known through retrofuturism. As the projections ramp up and increase in multiple forms, multiple possibilities, so does the past which has supposedly already occurred, but which has not occurred quite yet.

The past has not yet occured.

A portal into the present may seem like an unnecessary sort of thing, and that the present is in fact being lived through, and known definitely through one’s sensory experience. But insofar as the future comes back to define the present, and the present is known as similar and causal of the past, one sees that a portal to the present is the only option for those fighting against non-being itself. The lack of the portal to the present is in fact a submission.

Portals in the multiple offer different realities, insofar as different realities are able to be retrofitted, the retrofuture is a posteriori; but of course through immediate experience it is also a priori existent, synthetic, stretching over the sensory immediacy.

“I want you to say that this is a living example of a portal into the present”

So what idea do we pay fidelity to then? Which retrofuture is the true present? Suddenly a space opens up, a gap in reality. This gap itself is the negation of what was the ordering of the world, and it is this gap itself that we should watch. What retrofutures will be thrust upon us by the powers that be?

What pasts, will we be told have already occurred? What shall be engineered for us, engineered with us?

Will we create the world? Will the world be created for us? When I am in the state of joy I am like a child, I have the power to name the world!

Who creates out of something, something besides joy? Who desires death?

What retrofutures of death will be shown as what has already been?

Instruments of control are becoming stronger.

Libertarianism is dying a fool’s death.

Can we who play ourselves make it past what is engineered for us, by us?

article by Mad Black Freud and Kirsty Woods

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