Quantum Self-Care: “If Self-Care Is So Great, Why Isn’t There A Self-Care 2?”

Quantum, in itself, –for Quantum, in its self-externality, is also itself; its externality is part of its determination […] it is the very being of Quantum to be its own Other, to be self-external; and thus this external part is equally nothing else than Quantum: the beyond or infinite itself is a Quantum.

Hegel, Science of Logic, P 242, 243 (Johnson and Struthers Translation 1929)

The human insofar as the human knows itself is in a quantum form, in that it contains simultaneously a supposed inside as well as itself as an object, a divided subject. However, this “itself as an object” collapses immediately inside when one acknowledges the substance of all that is language is also present in the human through the unconscious, and through identification with systems and ideas and even simply seemingly unrelated words!

So the thing which takes-care-of-itself is also itself in the taking-care-of.

What does this mean politically? There is a tendency towards a split between the taking care of and the object which is being taken care of. The logic goes something along the lines of: fascist tendencies take care of the object, and that is what is important! But the fascist tendencies are themselves the political landscape and the object of politics as well, rather than simply keeping the trains running on time.

In other words:

Incorrect- {fascism -> trains on time}

Correct- {fascism, trains on time}

There is not means and ends, ergo there is no means-to-an-end, the state of the matter is Quantum.

Society does not have a set of problems, rather society is itself problem solving. The self is not something which needs self-care, the self is in fact self-care. There are elements of the self which one cites as qualitatively something which needs care but those elements can only be known at times through the method of caring, there is once again no means-to-an-end.


With the lack of a means-to-an-end, there can be no kingdom-of-ends. There can be no treating of the human as an end-in-itself, as the treating itself is the human as well. It is a false movement towards a posit.

What can be known is difference between the treatments as being-itself, in its Quantum nature. The difference between treatments means one is always reconciling with the self and the world in a Quantum Process Of Being.

The Quantum Hyperstate created is thus a finite taking-care-of, which is itself the thing, inseperable. Our taking care of the enviornment is inseperable from the object which is the environment, which makes in turn itself known as the object of the earth as well as the inhabitants.

COVID-19 and Quantum

Our taking care of the virus is inseparable from the virus. The RNA structure invades cells and culture, which may seem like a trite observation or not respecting of the material viral process, but we MUST remember the basic Hegelian lesson that insofar as something concerns humanity, it enters the fray of the Ideals of humanity, even that Ideal is backed by a physical sickness. That physical sickness is not a simple object, but it is the avoidance of the physical sickness, the register of physical sickness as a society, and the unconscious desire to act-as-if-it-isn’t, while taking extra precautions.

It would be a mistake to simply say we have a problem of the virus that needs to be taken care of. Dare I say, in order to make everyone mad by making their strawman real in the form of myself, “humans are the virus,” and I stand by it! To understand the virus as Quantum we have to see the taking care of and the virus in unity with the self, or we risk not understanding the virus.

The methods of taking care of the virus can not simply be a means to an end. Would Americans tolerate strict quarantine and arrest? We could try it! We could try to flatten the curve, but this is the virus beginning to build the tolerance for dramatic government rule in the Americas, and I’m not too sure that is something which would be tolerated without violence.

Either way, whatever the answer to this, the method and the object are not separate when united in a politic, and it isn’t separate when it is united in the self.

Self-Care 2

Know self-care as a crafting of the self, this is the only self-care 2 that I can offer. Self-care is not simply a tool to be utilized on the object which is the self, self-care is something which crafts the self in Actuality. One must make the self, insofar as the care of the self is the self.

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