America Is Beyond Redemption: A Blackpill Case For Exit

From the standpoint of Reza Negastrani’s theory of intelligence as a historical process, one can’t help but to notice a distinctly downward trend in the US. I don’t believe it is reversible.

America’s spirit is distinctly anti-rational, and its political champions are either foolish rhetoric pushers, or they demand changes which are not just stifled by America’s law, but by the American people’s insistence on aesthetic spectacle as the ground of change. By my estimation, America is cancelled. I am not predicting the collapse of the USA’s economic system, its Anarcho-Dunning-Keugerism will continue to be a centerpiece within global capitalism, but one who wishes to not have themselves and their offspring pulled into a void of anti-rationality may want to leave the country entirely.

If we look at America the state, we can see that America has overcome itself, and has become interested only in its own degradation. Both the fascist right and liberal left pitch various destructions of the ideal of individual freedom. The American Idea was the articulation of the enlightenment ideology, an escape from the tyranny of monarchy, which brings to men the reduction of their freedom. The experiment, I am glad to say, has been a resounding success in democratic processes, and has inspired the democratization of many countries around the world.

Wonderful, now let’s leave this burnt out engine of freedom.

In what sense is America beyond redemption? Simply, there is no national spirit which is not the cancelling of the idea of human freedom itself through right.

American National Identity Is Permanently Dead

I am grateful for Donald Trump’s emergence and display of the ideal form of right wing American nationalism as cruel and stupid. Not much time has to be wasted here. The American liberal left, by design, can not have a single such champion. However, it is glaringly obvious as one tries to search for any sort of cohesive program being actualized which eliminates poverty and provides housing, and economic justice for its disenfranchised people, that no such program will ever emerge.

Capital makes good friends with the irrational demands of the supposed radical American left, who are all to happy to push forward cryptic nonsensicalisms to be interpreted by Democrats in power and translated into reforms which paint the smile wider on human face of capital.

American history has taken a distinct line of flight towards freedom through law and ideal, and that line of flight is over.

What Plato identifies as the Good is the line in its [intelligence’s] continuity, the continuous line that simultaneously binds different aspects of reality and the life of intelligence and renders them intelligible as a whole. The interplay of peras and aperion, the limited and the unlimited, is on full display in this continuity. The former makes intelligible the abyss of reality, bringing new sectors of it into focus by introducing measures, and thus enabling intelligence to answer the question of what ought to be thought and done. The latter, meanwhile, expands the horizon of what can be made intelligible. And finally, the interplay of both is what dissolves any manifest totality that lays claim to reality, thereby enabling intelligence to explore what can be thought and done.

Reza Negastrani, “Intelligence and Spirit”

The negation of American law is now the highest justice, and in this case, America has cancelled itself. When taking upon the significance of COVID, Trump, race riots, the definite arc is an impossible overcoming of itself. All lights at the end of the tunnel here are merely a long series of oncoming trains.

What ought to be done for the individual? Simple: leave the county.

If money is an issue, you have too many ties to the land, or now is not a good time for you, or you simply want to grill, I can understand why this blackpill is simply not for you…yet.

Countries whose power was not built upon the primordial crime of the efficiency of slavery have in Volkgeist, the ability to overcome the issues of the day. America is different. There is no gap between America and the issue of racial identity contra the state or contra its people, there is only the conclusion of being contra America itself (the left) or bolstering Dunning-Kreuger fascism.

As a leftist, and an Egoist, I say exit. Find somewhere where human freedom can still be worked out via the geist, or live in a manner forcefully disconnected from the world due to one’s own highest involvement being able to only be dialectically corrected via argumentation with irrational liberalism, or Dunning-Kreuger fascism.

Take the blackpill, leave.

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