Part 1)-{Hyper-Oedipal Sexual Desire} Desire As Alien Planets, “New World Order” Desire

One’s mother is not the set of all which is {mother}. The mother does in a sense, have an Actuality of motherhood within the world for the child in his or her Actual mother, but {mother} being a linguistic item, means that it is attached to other possible linguistic items. {Woman}, most obviously, {caring} possibly, {punishing} possibly, and so on.

In other words, being with {woman} which may include other things attached to {mother}, and there is clear overlap in the two which is not a result of simple consciousness. A mother is a woman, a woman which is desired overlaps with {woman} who is part of {mother}. Woman becomes the hyper-oedipal in that a mother in the sense that she can not escape the maternal signifiers as well as an other’s desire for her as {woman} which becomes tangled with what is {mother}, and {man} with {father}, or perhaps {daddy}.

One wants closeness with both their mother and their partner, {closeness} is an overlap. Enough linguistic overlap and the water gets Oedipal, but it is really Hyper-Oedipal. The Actual mother does not become the object of desire, but rather the object of desire is always more elusive than that.

First there is the symbolic order which the baby is entered into (Symbolic S), then there is a desire for unity with the symbolic order in some manner which includes linguistic knowledge of what the world is made of (I), then the Real (R) of the world which is unperceived and escapes the modes of the rule of the Symbolic as well as the desire of the Imaginary. They all become what eventually is the end result of rational unity SI/R.

Yes SI/R! No SI/R!

This is what we think of unities which we both create and which are presented to us, Yes SI/R and No SI/R, validating and invalidating rational unities which are presented to us.. Here we see in our sexual partner hyperdaddy and hypermommy, and the creation of the new order which can sustain them.

Hypothetically there can be a distaste of the {mother} signifier like there is with Gilles Deleuze or a resentment of its large presence within the mind for Guattari, which can lead to an attraction to {woman} hypothetically anti- the maternal signifiers, but only their analysts would know which signifiers of desire the anti-oedipus theorists really, and there is no other way to put it, got their rocks off to. Same goes for those attracted to {man} or {men} and the signifiers {man} is attached to, which is where we get Sigmund-Freud-if-he-came-back meme highlight of the {daddy} signifier.

Part 2)-Hyper-Oedipal Sexual Desire {Desire As Alien Planets, New World Order Desire}

Who wants to rule the world? Everyone, but it depends on which world we’re talking about. People desire control of their {world} which is a rational unity of SI/R.

It is obvious that shifting consciousness is not enough, as there is already ego in the world in the form of positive demand (explained more in The Ego And Its Hyperstate Part 1, Chapter 3, but you can understand here briefly as rational unities already created within the world). Ergo, scinece fiction allows one to create a world where the institutional, material ego is radically different, and thus a change in consciousness is not a simple matter of buddhist practice, but of national spirit, an alien nationality with new histories and institutions.

This is used for sex and politics: yes SI/R!

Due to this, people aren’t necessarily outcasted to create the new, but rather by creating worlds, the new is already made available from previous orders. Re-ordering the world to suit sex and politics, a New World Order Desire. If you have ever been to a sort of psychedelic, avante-garde style art show that tries to create an experience, this is a snack-miniature version of science fiction. You leave such worlds rather quickly, it isn’t serving your sexual interest or political ambitions, but rather is presenting you with {fun}, which is nice but a fleeting sort of fulfillment thing, not the bottom of the food pyramid/Malsow Hierarchy…you know, the building blocks. But what if such institutions were available permanently? They already are.

The ego, which is present in the conscious, is already present in the world, but it is a combinatory force of civilization. It is constantly being re-asserted when orders which have been created already serve sex and politics, or denied when existing orders do not serve sex and political ambition.

We can make an alien planet of the world, but the crafty psychoanalyst wouldn’t do this willy nilly: it knows what you desire most: that’s right, signifiers! (ok, specific signifying chains and combinations it is more complicated than a single signifier).

When one says Yes SI/R in their new alien planet which can be established interpersonally/materially/sexually/politically and so on, they escape the trap of the new ager who tells one to focus their conscious thoughts so that they become reality, because that is only a certain reality of conscious thoughts. Instead, Being becomes a re-ordering, an alien invention, one which will die or be re-asserted by people after them.

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